I have read some of them and was quite happy with the general information provided, but I sincerely would not say that these are the key to anything, seeing that the singularities and the translation market conditions change everyday. And especially for those who are not US citizens nor based in the US cultural and environmental heritage or dealing with US commercial services, the majority of these american examples can be quite disappointing or even useless in the practical level. Some books are so unrealistic that we should say that they were made just to meet urgent author's cash requirements! Some others made me really laugh (starting from the title!).

However, there are more and more literature choices about the translation freelance market and, at least, they all give you some detailed idea about the profession as a freelance translator. Most of all, they show you how the freelance translator conditions and requirements are in a global sense and for real.

In my opinion, you must be sure, in first place, that this segment is really made for you, seeing perseverance is a key and frustrations are (unfortunately) not rare, not only in the beginning, but specially in the beginning of this career. Offering your freelance translation activity a business and commercial-minded attitude is not less fundamental than improving your language skills. And specializations are no longer an exceptional quality but a must.

Despite of all, the profession of the translator is still not regulated, which means that, in principle, any person could start translating. Nonetheless, many translation agencies, translators associations and especially clients require a large amount of certification on translations' quality, quantity and accomplished studies in order to proof your professional conditions and skills, and accept you in the market.

Still feeling at ease with the idea, despite the reality above? So, THIS is for you!

Check out some pearls published about the freelance translation market and general translation:


  • Escola de Tradutores - Paulo Ronai
  • Conversa com Tradutores: Balanços e Perspectivas - I. Benedetti
  • Fidus Interpres - A Prática da Tradução - F. M. Said


  • How to Become a Translator - Breaking into the freelance translation business - M. Daniels
  • How to Become a Translator. Your step-by-step guide to become a translator - How ExpertPress
  • How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator - C. McKay
  • How to Be Rich as a Freelance Translator - F. Kaymaz
  • 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know - W. Tank
  • How to Be a Freelance Translator. Make Thousands of Dollars Per Month Translating At Home - Seylan Sonmez
  • How to Translate: English Translation Guide in EU - N. Sfectu
  • The Translators' Handbook - M. Sofer
  • The Freelancers' Ultimate Guide To Translation Agencies - C. Tustison
  • The Prosperous Translator - C. Durban
  • The Entrepreneurial Linguist - Judy and D. Jenner
  • The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed: The Only Personal Finance System for People with Not-So-Regular Jobs - J. D’Agnese and D. Kiernan
  • How to Translate Your Books Without Spending a Dime - P. Kumar
  • The Translation Sales Handbook - L. Spear
  • The Translator Training Textbook: Translation Best Practices, Resources and Expert Interviews - A. Tassini
  • Multilingual Information Management: Information, Technology and Translators - X. Granell
  • How Succeed as a Freelance in Publishing - E. Murray
  • Found in Translation: How Language Shape our Lives and Transform the World - N. Kelly & J. Zetszche
  • American into English: A Handbook for Translators - G. Carey
  • The Beginning Translators Workbook: or The ABCs of French to English Translations - M. Jones


  • Guide Pratique de la Traduction Juridique Anglais-Français - F. Houbert
  • La Traduction Juridique: Fondement et Méthode - C. Bocquet
  • Trois Essais sur la Traduction - J. F. Billeter
  • La Traduction - M. Oustinof
  • Intoduction à Traductologie: Penser la Traduction, Hier, Aujourd'hui, Demain - M. Guidère

Have a good reading!