Legal Translations

Certificates, Attestations, Registrations

Licences and Permits

Police Records

Forms and Complaints

Wills and Trusts

Contracts and Agreements
Declarations, Testimonials, Petitions, Claims

Power of Attorney, Affidavit
Legal Instruments, Enforcements
Court Files, Court Notices, Court Orders, Court Appels

EU and non-EU Legislation, Decrees, Warrants

Doctrine and Jurisprudence

Financial Translations

Financial Statements and Reports

Insurance and investment Planning

Retirement and Real Estate Planning

Financial Manuals and Guides

Risk Management Reports

Business Valuation and Performance Sheets

Credit and Impairment Classifications


Judiciary Court Sessions and Interrogations

Police Courts' Interrogations

Public Social Sector Interviews and Interrogations

Intl. Protection (Asylum) Interviews and Interrogations

Social Worker's Interviews and Interrogations

Refugee and Unaccompanied Foreign Minor's Interviews

Consultations with Lawyer, Notary

Consultations with Psychologist

Medical Consultations at Hospitals and Care Centers

Business Meetings and Reunions

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