Recently, I came across an awesome website platform in which they also proposed one single rolling page websites. I had never noticed this formula before. It is not a website cover page, but a kind of one single page website where you provide your visitors (imagining here potential clients, who knows?) with a preview of you and your services, into just the right space to say enough of whatever you believe it is important to say about you (both on professional and educational levels), aiming to give to potential visitors or future clients the wish to know more and look for your real website.

I found it beautiful; it was short, graphically speaking fabulous, and very appealing. The price for having that was less appealing tough. Much less appealing. Main reason why I gave it up, seeing it is, for me, out of question putting some more money in the "don't know if it will ever be worthwhile for my situation" investment plan. It made me think about the former Vizify, do you remember? The cute, chic and useful free online link to your biography. It was so well constructed and visually, a pearl. We could add that to our e-mail signature and after just a click, potential clients could have a look to your CV and professional stats in such a beautiful way. I loved that, and used to have it as my pro e-mail signature. I also knew other freelance professionals and freelance interpreters/translators who were displaying their Vizify signature in their e-mail as well. But then... the whole thing was bought by Yahoo and... no longer exists.

I am always regretting the Vizify vanishing. I liked to have that mobile version of my CV and professional facts always on the go at the bottom of my e-mail signature. Then, I realized that I could still make use of something similar to that rolling one page system I mentioned above: About me! Do you still think on that? I had forgotten this possibility. Sure, It is not like your private website cover page, and it is not yet like the one rolling page website, but quite similar and FREE! I found it a nice substitution to my former Vizify signature and a compromise to the one rolling page website I do not have. Depending on your choice of images and seriousness of the professional or education message you aim to pass, it can be a great professional marketing solution. Right, it is not like a LinkedIn where you are "linked" to a net group of professionals alike you only, all (over)acting their professional status and education facts. It is not like your website cover that belongs to you alone and it is directly linked to your professional website, which facilitates and also implicates professional seriousness. Nevertheless, it is a nice free way to resume who you are and to market yourself professionally in one shot and a couple of lines. I gave it a try and I am enjoying it. Minus points: you do not have only professionals around you in there. It is free for every profile, does not matter what profile. So, another day, rolling through some examples of profiles that pop-up in a random way automatically, I came across a profile of a girl in panties, one line as title, one line as contact... Ok, we live (or we think we do) in a free democratic world, but it is just that I would rather my countless years of academic studies and my professional purposes as a qualified legal translator & lawyer profile to be surrounded by all those with professional ambitions alike.

Even so, a nice option for marketing for freelancers. If you don't have a pro signature yet and would like to have one, check this out.